Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Sports?  How to decide on which modality to book.

   When it comes to choosing the right  type of massage for you.  you want to ask yourself these three questions.

1- How long ago was your last massage?

2- How flexible are you?

3- How active are you?

   If your last massage was more than six months ago you might want to book a Swedish massage because your body will have a hard time relaxing for deeper work and it will hurt longer than it has to.

   If you cannot raise your hands, your neck or your hips without pain. you will need deep tissue massage  to break up scar tissue and  rid the muscles of lactic acid/toxin. In this case multiple sessions are needed for better result.

   If you have an active life style for example: joggers, dancers, or even laborers, then you might want a few sessions of sports massage that includes moist heat to promote healing and passive and active stretches for improved range of motion!

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